#6 Lists - Microsoft Lists in Teams is now generally available (GA)

#6 Lists - Microsoft Lists in Teams is now generally available (GA)

Today Microsoft announced the general availability of the Lists app in Teams for all its customers.

As you may already know, Microsoft Lists is a Microsoft 365 app that helps you track information and organise your work.

Lists are simple, smart and flexible, so you always stay on top of what's most important.

How to start in Microsoft Teams?

Press the + at the top right and search for Microsoft Lists

Create your Lists as described here (step 3)


Make a list

Create a new list or add a current Microsoft List to the project X team.


There are 3 types of ways to create a list.

An empty list
From an Excel
Or from an existing list


Templates? Very handy!

With templates, you can get to work faster with a concrete plan of action.

Things you do not need can be easily removed and adjusted so that you can get started quickly.


This blog post is part of the Microsoft Lists series

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#6 Lists - Microsoft Lists in Teams is now generally available (GA)



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