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Configure your Office 365 tenant  to 'First Release' in 3 steps

Within Office 365 you can receive updates, features or services before they are tested on other user environments. Do you also wish to be in the first release to test new fi functionalities?

Then change your organization profile to first-release. Or work with a single first-release group that includes your test users.

1. Login to the admin portal

Login at https://admin.microsoft.com. Or use this clear URL page.
On the left side, click Settings.


2. Change the current configuration


Standard release - Receive updates as they become generally available.
Targeted release - Receive early updates for your entire organization
Targeted release for selected users - Choose individuals to preview updates to ensure your organization is prepared

3. Choose targeted release for the entire organization or for a group or individual


That's it! You'll receive the new features first!


Other tenant settings and options can be found here. Also read 120+ Teamsblogs.

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