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Exchange migration action plan to Microsoft 365

Easily migrate from Exchange on-premises migration to Exchange Online within Office 365!

Action Plan

  • Coming from Exchange on-premises and have 100, 500 or 2000 mailboxes migrate at one time in cut-over. (Microsoft's best practice)
  • Exchange migrations are regarded as a project in themselves. They are made important. While Microsoft is dead set on moving your mailbox to another database every day. This has no risk whatsoever. If you do it right.
  • Pre-sync all mailboxes to 95%. this means that all data is in the cloud until you decide the migration can proceed.
  • If the presync would take 50 days. and you have fears that the delta has become so large. you can always start a 2nd sync so that you are ready to move to the cloud in the migration moment without fail.
  • Measurability. All preparatory steps are measurable. You can know exactly how much data you can shift to the cloud and calculate the lead time. Factor in 2f5% marche for contingencies just to be sure.
  • Communication. Tell everyone that a migration will happen. But above all: why, what is the vision & strategy? Why migrate? "Can we do 'more' now after migration?"

Why put your Exchange mailboxes in the cloud?

  • There are many opportunities in integrations within Office- and Microsoft 365. Microsoft products and services are deeply integrated into Microsoft's eco-system.
  • Example: Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams sit close together. In this image you can see that it is important that your Exchange environment is integrated with Microsoft Teams

Next steps after mailbox migration

Technical migrations are often an end point of an implementation when they are actually the starting point of an interesting cloud environment with enormous potential. Be sure to read through this article to identify the next steps.

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