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πŸ”— Tutorial: How to share files via a web link in Microsoft Teams?

If you need help sharing files in Microsoft Teams then you have come to the right place. In this article, with the help of screenshots, I will provide instructions on how to get started sharing documents with colleagues or remote users.

If you still don't succeed, please send the error code or problem in the comments below and also help other people with your problem statement.

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Sharing a file via a link with OneDrive in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to share files with colleagues and external people. You can copy a folder link or share an individual file.


Retrieve a link from a OneDrive document in Microsoft Teams

Copy this link and share it with the recipient.


Sharing a file in Microsoft Teams

Right-click on the file you wish to share.

Select copy link to share one file with another person.


This url may contain a OneDrive or Microsoft Team link.

It is not possible to share a URL from Microsoft Teams if the user is not part of the Team.

You can share the link, but the recipient gets a message saying they don't have permissions.


Share a file from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint for everyone in your own organization

Inviting Guests to a Team

Guest access allows you to entrust an entire Team or channel to your guests. They are part of a team and have different rights and roles.

Participants should always be added to the full team first (in general), only later to the channel.

If you have channels where guests don't belong then it's best to create a private channel. Here's a tip for choosing.

You can add or invite participants to Microsoft Teams using this tip.

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