These are the 25 most used, best free software packages of 2022 to download

These are the 25 most used, best free software packages of 2022 to download

In this article you will find the most frequently used software for Windows computers. All of this software is offered free of charge, so it is essential that you have it on your PC. Third-party software gives you the chance to perform additional tasks that are not included in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

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These are the most frequently used free internet tools

1. Chocolatey or Winget to install software

Winget or Chocolatey are Windows Package Managers that make installing third-party software easy. If you have Chocolatey installed on your computer, you can more easily install software from the list below.

Chocolatey software can be installed using the command: Choco install GIMP -y
The software package manager itself can be installed via: Chocolatey Software | Installing Chocolatey

2. GIMP for photo editing

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a graphic programfor digital image editing, including photo editing, on the computer. GIMP is a counterpart to Photoshop or other photo editing programmes.

You can follow various training courses on YouTube: Complete Tutorial for Beginners 2020 - YouTube

3. LibreOffice or Microsoft Office Online for word processing

LibreOffice is a powerful office suite that allows you to do word processing in a similar way to OpenOffice or Office 365 Apps. Advantage with LibreOffice is that it is free. Disadvantage; many files have their own visual design because almost everyone works with Microsoft Office. Within the Microsoft Cloud, you also have the opportunity to edit files for free , although this is completely online.

4. Audacity for sound editing

Audacity is an Open Source programfor sound editing and montage. It is perfect for cutting fragments, fading in and out, increasing volume, reducing noise, changing pitch, adding effects and mixing sound tracks.

5. Greenshot for screenshots

Greenshot: Translated from English-Greenshot is a free and open source screenshot-programfor Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Thomas Braun, Jens Klingen and Robin Krom and is published under GNU General Public License, hosted by GitHub. Greenshot is also available for macOS, but as proprietary software through the App Store. A counterpart to Greenshot is the new screenshot application in Windows 11. or snipping tools in MacOSX.

6. Handbrake for converting digitalvideos

HandBrake is a free and open-source transcoder for digital video files that was developed by Eric Petit in 2003. The software is used to transcode films and video files into an easier-to-archive format. HandBrake is available for Linux, macOS and Windows. The most common scenario for Handbrake is to convert files in a large format to a smaller one.

7. Signal - secure digital messaging service

Signal is a platform-independent encrypted messaging service that uses the Internet to send private and group messages. Sending voice messages, images, videos and other files is also possible. Just like other messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

8. Firefox - A fantastically stable web browser

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Project and its volunteers. Firefox is based on the Gecko layout engine from the Mozilla project. The name is an English nickname for the red or little panda. Wikipedia - In addition to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and other browsers are among the most widely used browsers in Windows.

9. VLC - Media Player free multimedia player

VLC media player is a free multimedia player offered by the community. You can play all kinds of media files with it. VLC plays almost all formats, including: DVDs, video and audio CDs. For Windows 10 or older, VLC is a relief because these Windows versions do not contain their own codecs.

10. 7-ZIP - Archiving and compressing

7-Zip is a computer programme for archiving and compressing files. The source code of programis freely available under the terms of the LGPL, in contrast to shareware programs such as WinZip and WinRAR. Wikipedia

Installing 7-Zip with Chocolatey: Choco install 7ZIP -y

11. Teamviewer - For remote takeover of computers

TeamViewer is a programthat enables cooperation between different people by supporting file sharing and remote control. The programis available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The Linux version is the Windows version launched via the Wine runtime. Wikipedia

12. TreeSize - Locating files in Windows

TreeSize: Large files cause your hard disk to become full. It is often a difficult quest to understand which documents or system files are causing this behaviour. With TreeSize you can easily detect and solve this.

13. ProtonVPN - A secure Swiss VPN

ProtonVPN is a fast Swiss VPN that protects your privacy. ProtonVPN is available in a free version with limited features.

14. Microsoft Teams - Collaboration in multiple forms

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration solution that can be used for video calling, instant messaging, chatting and document sharing. There is a fat-client package that you can install for free or you can use Microsoft teams in the web browser.

15. Jitsi - Meetings with video

Jitsi is a counterpart to Google Meet and Microsoft Teams that optimally supports remote collaboration. With Jitsi, users can video call, chat and share screens.

16. Google Meet - Meetings in the web browser

Google Meet is the counterpart of Microsoft Teams , which offers similar functionality to Calling and chat with friends or business contacts.

17. VirtualBox - Operating System Virtualisation

VirtualBox is a free computer programme for running operating systems within a (different) operating system. This is done on the basis of virtualisation. VirtualBox is a counterpart to the Microsoft built-in Hyper-V.

18. CCleaner - Clean out your computer cache

CCleaner is a freewareprogramcreated by Piriform to maintain computers running on Windows and macOS. It programtries to find and delete unnecessary, unused or invalid files. Wikipedia

19. Viber - messaging service

Viber is a VoIP application from Viber Media, which allows one to send chat, photos, audio and video messages in addition to Calling via the Internet. The client software is available for Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Symbian, Bada and Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Linux and Windows 8. Wikipedia

20. WhatsApp - Instant messaging

WhatsApp is a mobile instant messaging app developed for the smartphone. With an internet connection it is possible to chat and to send digital photos, sound and video recordings, documents or GPS coordinates. callcan be done via IP telephony. Wikipedia

21. Panda Antivirus - Free antivirus software

Panda Cloud Antivirus is antivirus software created by Panda Securitya company from Spain. There is a free version and a paid one. The programworks with Collective Intelligence, a system that uses the knowledge in the Panda Security user community and the cloud to analyse malware. Wikipedia

22. Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDFs

Acrobat Reader is a computer programme from Adobe Systems with which PDF files can be read. The programwas called Adobe Reader until 2015, but previously it was also called Acrobat Reader. Pdf files contain documents and can be viewed and printed on almost all supported operating systems. Wikipedia

23. Google Chrome - Web browser

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google. Google Chrome uses Blink, which is based on WebKit, and other open source software, particularly that of Mozilla. Google Chrome is based on Chromium, an open source project of Google. Wikipedia

The best counterpart to Chrome is Microsoft Edge.

24. Microsoft OneDrive for business or consumers

Microsoft OneDrive, formerly Windows Live Folders, Windows Live SkyDrive and Microsoft SkyDrive, is a Microsoft service for storing files on the Internet. Wikipedia

Log on and start OneDrive for Business - Quickstart

25. Dropbox - Sharing files in the Cloud

Dropbox is a cloud service for storing files at online . It allows the user to synchronise files with different computers and mobile devices and share them with third parties at the same time. Wikipedia

What software do you use in Windows? Comment below this article!



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