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Microsoft Teams Advisor is now General Available (GA)

The Microsoft Teams advisor has recently become General Available (GA). This advisor allows you to enable Teams workloads and helps you set up better Teams policies. External access facilitation, teams-clients installation, federation, administrator selection are examples you can find in this advisor. In this blog post you can go through the practical side in advance and consult this service to make your implementation flawless.

Browse to admin.teams.microsoft.com

Select a workload to implement in your organization. If this is the first workload you are implementing, it is best to start with Chat, Teams, Channels and Apps. If no service management team exists, based on this selection, a team will be created with a channel dedicated to this specific workload. Pre-filled success factors (automatically rendered) under Details, are added to the team. If you want to add additional workloads, you can do so at any time, once the team is created.

Teams consultant use

To open the Advisor panel you can click on Planning, then click on Teams-advisor

Teams configure and validate settings

Practical example of workload details.
In this example, you can find the details on how to get started setting up these details at the policy level. Thanks to the checklist, you can get started to work effectively.

How could you handle this properly before?

To set up Microsoft Teams properly, a ready-made project plan already existed from Microsoft itself. Useful for large organizations, unfortunately too heavy for small ones.

In addition, I wrote the article: Microsoft Teams Governance plan of action. In it you can already set up the broad outlines of Microsoft Teams . Practical blog, concrete. Good luck!

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