How to clean up Microsoft Teams automatically via Access Review!

How to clean up Microsoft Teams automatically via Access Review!

How many teams have you created since you started using Microsoft Teams ?

Are all teams created in the last months or years still needed?

The Team below will be automatically cancelled. No more worries or chaos.

Or are you afraid to get rid of your old team?
Fear of losing data?
-> Maybe you should not allow everyone to create teams and let IT manage it.

Do you want to allow anyone to create Teams ? Then I would think about: DLP, Microsoft 365 Backup, document backup or the current recovery options.

You can also automatically remove teams after 30 days. DLP on. And if someone has lost a document, recover it via Ediscovery.


Automatically clean up guests in Microsoft Teams?

Guests can be automatically reviewed on a weekly or monthly basis via these instructions.

Enable automatic Access Reviewsfor guest users Teams

Automatic deletion after 180 days

Simple, via Microsoft Azure Group Expiration. Read more.


Other Teams tips!

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