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This is the decision matrix for choosing between a public, private or organization-wide Microsoft Team

It can sometimes be difficult to decide when it is best to create a private team within your organization. By setting clear guidelines, you can ensure that there are rules for using Microsoft Teams within your organization. You can present these guidelines in an organized manner in a diagram so that they can be easily incorporated into current processes for collaboration.

One tip is to make creating teams transparent so everyone understands when to take what actions.

When is it best to create a private team?

Tip: How can you create private, public or organization-wide teams ?

Choosing between a private team, public team or organization-wide team?

Have you had an MS Team
with these people yet?
Should this work remain private
for others?
Are there multiple sub-
sites to discuss?
YesYesYesCreate a private channel in the existing team or consider creating dedicated private channels for each topic.
YesYesNoCreate a private channel in the existing team.
YesNoNo Create a private channel in the existing team.
NoNoNoCreate a channel in the existing team.
NoNoYesConsider creating a new team and then, depending on the confidentiality of each topic, consider creating separate standard or private channels for each topic.
NoYESNoCreate a new team or create a new private channel in an existing team.

Technically starting Teams in 5 steps is how you do it! Limits of number of channels is described here.

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