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Decision matrix between a public, private or organization-wide Microsoft Team?

It is sometimes difficult to decide within your organization when it is best to create a private team.

With simple "rules," you can ensure that there are rules within your organization for Microsoft Teams.

You can always put these options into a clear diagram to build into your current processes around collaboration. What more do you need?

TIP: Make team creation transparent so everyone understands when to take what action.

When is it best to create a private team?

Tip: How can you create private, public or organization-wide teams ?

Choosing between a private team, public team or organization-wide team?

Have you had an MS Team
with these people yet?
Should this work remain private
for others?
Are there several sub-
sites to discuss?
YesYesYesCreate a private channel in the existing team or consider creating dedicated private channels for each topic.
YesYesNoCreate a private channel in the existing team.
YesNoNo Create a private channel in the existing team.
NoNoNoCreate a channel in the existing team.
NoNoYesConsider creating a new team and then, depending on the confidentiality of each topic, consider creating separate standard or private channels for each topic.
NoYESNoCreate a new team or create a new private channel in an existing team.

Technically starting Teams in 5 steps is how you do it! Limits of number of channels is described here.

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