How to activate and use Secure Score for Microsoft Azure Center?

How to activate and use Secure Score for Microsoft Azure Center?

Last month I published the article 'starting with Secure Score in Office 365'. In this article I discussed topics like Attack simulator, Azure AD Security Defaults, Microsoft Secure Score and so on. Also within Microsoft Azure there is aSecurity Center with Secure Score. Below is a high-level overview of this solution.

Microsoft Azure Security Center

  • The Microsoft Azure Security Center has a Policy & Compliance section including the 'new' Secure Score.

A sample report


Activation of a safety recommendation

  • Activate auditing & logging
  • Select 'quick recovery
  • Select your resource group
  • Activate

This describes how easy it has become to understand and activate Security 'advice'. Unfortunately, I often see the opposite. That they are there and not much happens with them. Is it too simple?

It is important to be safe and to use security features. Today, no one has all the expertise to know and be able to do everything. Today we need to activate, make sure there is a rollback plan. Test it in a demo environment and then bring it into production. Let's do it!



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