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Here's how to block all outgoing email using policies

Here's how to block all outgoing email using policies

In light of AVG or GDPR, increasing security incidents and data breaches, it is advisable not to send emails to unauthenticated channels or mailboxes. I still see companies allowing emails to be forwarded to private addresses or other business addresses. As an organization, you need to ensure the security of your IT platform and you no longer want emails to be forwarded.

In this blog, read the practical solution to disable forwarding at the policy level.

Navigate to protection.office.com

Browse To protection.office.com / Exchange Online Control Panel
Click on Threat Management then on Policy.
Click on Anti-Spam

Spam filtering policy for outgoing mail

This page allows you to configure various anti-spam policies that determine how messages are processed by Office 365. These policies include how messages identified as spam, bulk or phishing are processed, settings for outgoing messages, including sending limits, and settings for managing address forgery analysis. Learn more about anti-spam settings

Click Edit Policy.

Turn the spam filtering policy for outgoing spam OFF.

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