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📊 How can you protect an Excel document with a password or remove the password?

Password protection in Microsoft Excel is often used to protect important data. If you have an Excel file in Microsoft Teams place, it is often fully visible to other colleagues.

Setting up security prevents unwanted people from gaining access or partial access. This can prevent changes unless by the owner.

How to remove a password from an Excel file?

Open the protected spreadsheet, go to the "Review" tab, and click the "Unprotect Sheet" icon.

Then press the password and press OK.

It is also possible to protect a single tab sheet with Microsoft Excel. At the bottom, press the desired page and press protect.

How can you password protect an Excel worksheet?

At the top, press Review.

Then click on protect this document.

At the top, choose a password that you want to set. If you leave this field blank, no password has been set.

Press OK.

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