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How to set an Out-Of-Office or status message in Microsoft Teams?

Going on vacation soon?

Or is it time for a short break or focus time?

Want to notify your colleagues when it's best to contact you at Microsoft Teams by leaving an absence message? Then follow the instructions below.

First of all, it is recommended to set up an Out-of-Office in your Office 365 mailbox. In this blog, I explain how to set up an absence message in Microsoft Teams . 

Set Up Out Of Office in Microsoft Teams

Open Microsoft Teams - at the top right of your profile.

Select Set Status Message from the menu.

On the right side, you can put a STATUS message. This message can be accessed by anyone who connects through Microsoft Teams.

It is also possible to set Out of Office by clicking: "Schedule out of office".

After activation, it is best to test by sending an email with a different email address. If you don't get a response. Then be sure to set your email Out Of Office via this blog.

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Buenos días, en mi empresa queremos migrar las cuentas de correo desde Outlook a Office 365, seria a servidores exchange de 50GB de almacenamiento para cada buzón quisiera saber si es una buena idea hacer este cambio o si por el contrario es mejor quedarse como estamos

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