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⚠️ What are the limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams?

This article describes the technical limits, specifications applicable to Microsoft Teams.

These specifications are simplified and may not accurately reflect every feature or limit. To view an exact overview visit the Microsoft website.

Teams and channels limits and specifications

Number of teams a user can create250
Number of teams of which a user can be a member1000
Number of members or individuals on a team10.000
Number of owners per team100
Number of organization-wide teams allowed in a tenant5
Number of members in an organization-wide team5
Number teams that a global administrator can create500.000
Number of teams that a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization can have500.000
Number of channels per team200 (also deleted channels)
Number of private channels per team30
Number of members in a private channel250
Maximum number of members in a Office 365 group that can be converted to a team10.000

Meetings and phone calls

Maximum number of people in one team conversation (chat and call)350
Maximum PowerPoint file size2 GB

Chatting and messaging

Number of people in private chat250
Number of members in a video or audio call from chat20
Number of files (attachments)10

Teams live events


Audience size10,000 participants
maximum duration of the event4 hours
Concurrent (number simultaneously) Live Events in one office 365 environment. (tenant)15

As of Jan. 1, 2021

Audience size20,000 participants
maximum duration of the event16-hour broadcast
Concurrent (number simultaneously) Live Events in one office 365 environment. (tenant)50 events at a time per tenant

Source : https://docs.microsoft.com/nl-nl/microsoftteams/limits-specifications- teams

Teams PowerShell scripts

General scriptsPowershell
Save meetings to OneDriveBlog
Block guest accessBlog
Sharing and guestsBlog

Differences between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Free (classic)

Microsoft Teams Free (classic)Microsoft Teams
Maximum members300 per orgUnlimited
File storage2 GB/user and 10 GB shared storage space1 TB/user
Guest Accesscheckmarkcheckmark
1:1 and group online audio and video callscheckmarkcheckmark
Channel meetingscheckmarkcheckmark
Screen sharingcheckmarkcheckmark
Scheduled meetings (Exchange Online)checkmarkcheckmark
Meeting recordings checkmark
Audio conferencingcheckmark
Host online events up to 10,000checkmark
Walkie Talkiecheckmark
Admin tools for easy management of users and applicationscheckmark
Usage reportingcheckmark
99.9% financially-backed SLA uptimecheckmark
Configurable user settings and policiescheckmark

Read more about the specifications on the Microsoft website

Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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2 years ago

Under Number teams that a global administrator can create and Number teams that a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization can have should it not be 500,000?

Bernd Kroon
2 years ago

Hi Jasper, the original data in the MS site use the comma alas 1000 separator. Therefore, several numbers ij the table you published do not match....

1 year ago

Microsoft states that there can be a maximum of 200 channels per team, but only a maximum of 10 channels can be shown for members of a team. So what good are the other 190 channels? (Not that you would want to have 200 channels, but I think 10 is very limited).

8 months ago

How many people and how long can you use microsoft teams for free if you have a (private/family) subscription of Microsoft 365?

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