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Adding a permanent whiteboard in a Team Channel | Manual

Each team meeting has a dedicated whiteboard where participants have space to draw and sketch together.

In addition to this ability to launch a whiteboard during the meeting, you can also add a whiteboard that sticks in a team channel. How to do this I explain in this blog.

Add a tab in the desired team

Search for the team you want using the search bar or navigate by scrolling.

At the top right, press + (add a tab)


Search for whiteboard among all Microsoft Teams applications.


Give a nice title to your whiteboard.


Choose who can edit in settings. Here you have the option to disable editing after your creations. This way the content always remains intact. And no one but yourself can edit it.


Sharing a whiteboard in Microsoft Teams

During your meeting, press the "share" icon at the top right (or Ctrl-Shift-E).

If you use this option, you cannot present the previously created whiteboard.


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