How to convert a document to an editable document in Office Lens (OCR)

How to convert a document to an editable document in Office Lens (OCR)

Microsoft Lens reduces, enhances and makes photos from whiteboards and documents readable and editable in Microsoft Word or Excel.

You can use Microsoft Lens to convert images to PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, digitise printed or handwritten text and save it to OneNote,OneDrive or your local device. You can even import images that are already on your device using Gallery.

Installing Office lens on your mobile device

You can install Office lens for iOS from the Apple Store. For Android via Google Play.

Using Office lens

Open the Office Lens application after installation.
Select document below and take a picture of the text.


Make a selection of the text you need.


Confirm that you have selected the correct text.


Convert the photo to OneDrive, Word or PowerPoint.


Please wait...


The text is customisable and editable in Microsoft Word.


Tips for Office Lens

- Scan and upload all your notes, invoices and documents

- At the end of the meeting, put up the whiteboard to keep on track with the action points

- Scan printed text or notes made during a meeting for later editing and sharing

- Keep your business contacts handy by scanning business cards and saving them to your contacts list

- Choose to save as PDF, Word or PowerPoint file or as image in OneNote, OneDrive or on a local device


- Scan handouts given in class and make notes on them in Word and OneNote

- Scan handwritten notes to digitise and edit them later (works in English only)

- Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard to come back to it later, even when you are offline

- Organise your notes and research with seamless integration to OneNote

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