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Build a Windows Autopilot demo environment in 60 minutes

If you want to test or experiment yourself with Microsoft EndPoint manager / Intune or Windows Autopilot then you have come to the right place.

In this blog, I've detailed a proof-of-concept for building your own Autopilot demo environment. Good luck!

In this testing environment, you will:

1. Create a demo tenant

2. Set the devicemanagent dns records

  • Buy a domain name for example: .BE or .NL for 4â‚Ŧ from https://www.ovh.nl/ (example hoster)
  • Set the DNS records for device management to a test domain via step 5

3. Rolling out a cloud-managed PC

  • Browse to https://devicemanagement.micro soft.com
  • Navigate to In the cloud managed PC, click start.
  • Then press begin
  • Click next
  • Then on implement
  • The automatic configuration creates these resource types

How can you make changes to the configuration later?

  • Wish you would like to add more users to this configuration you certainly can!
  • Make the necessary users members of the Cloud-Managed PC User security group

4. Install a clean Windows 10 1909 device

  • 1903, 1909 or newer!
  • Choose a version of Windows 10 in the installation.
  • It doesn't matter which version. Every feature is in every installation. Only it comes active only when you have the right license.

Login with your test account to your new Windows 10

  • Enter the account you added earlier in the configuration in the login screen of your newly installed test PC.
  • You get a pop-up for MFA if you activated MFA through the earlier blog post.
  • PIN for Windows Hello for Business is automatically activated. Therefore, you need to create a new code.
  • Single-Sign-on for Internet Explorer, Edge is active by default.
  • All the policies below are activated thanks to this wizard. You can leave this existing. Or reuse it to enforce single standards for your future new workplace.

You have a Windows Autopilot environment from now on!

Check out the Windows Autopilot demo!


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