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Windows Autopilot - introduction in 4 steps!

1. Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies to

  • Roll out new devices without a single interaction. (zero-IT)
  • Resetting or re-converting devices for a new user
  • Restore devices and bring them back to basics.

2. Autopilot gives your organization the ability to

  • After the device is uigerrolled via Autopilot, seamlessly plug into Microsoft 365.
  • Automatically add devices in Azure AD or hybrid AD.
  • Intune MDM/enrollment to do so you can do management remotely.

3. Why autopilot?

  • For the user, it is quite pleasant to have a device come straight from the supplier to his location.
  • IT Administrators spend a lot of time customizing on end users' devices. Autopilot puts an end to this.

4. Ecosystem

  1. Automating with an IT Partner is now possible. (Full lifecycle management)
  2. Users can be added in Intune when applying for a new device.
  3. Device leaves directly to the user.
  4. Self-service allows users to help themselves.

Importantly, build your digital workplace with Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 how? You can read about that here.

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