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How to configure organization-wide backgrounds in Microsoft Teams?

End users can replace the background in a video conference or phone call with their own chosen image. If you would like all users of Microsoft Teams to use the same background throughout the organization determined follow these instructions.

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Navigate to the Microsoft Teams administrator panel

You can access the admin center at: https://admin.teams.microsoft.com

Meeting policies Microsoft Teams

Customize images of meetings

Customize the look of your organization's meetings with images such as a logo or background in the lobby. You can upload multiple options and people can choose which one they want to use when creating meetings if the meeting organizer is licensed for advanced communications.

Enable custom backgrounds.

Custom Meeting Background Teams Organization Wide

After enabling, it is possible to add 50 backgrounds.

Custom Meeting Background Teams Organization Wide Activation

Adding backgrounds

On the right side you can add up to 50 backgrounds. Nice backgrounds you can here find.

Once added, these backgrounds will automatically appear for all users.

Customize meeting images

Press save.

Custom backgrounds items

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2 years ago

Do you know if this works also with iPads ? Thanks !

2 years ago

I don´t have that option. Is it dependent on a specific license type?

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