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🪑 How to set IKEA wallpapers in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft added a fun feature to Microsoft Teams in April to brighten up your home office! Having your own background is even more fun than the standard photos Microsoft Teams itself provides, right? Get started via these 3 steps to use a beautiful IKEA background.

1. Setting IKEA Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

2. Browse to backgroundsbyikea.com

Download all backgrounds, or download your favorites Ikea background.

Or download by photo below

3. Through Windows 10's explorer

  • Navigate to C:-> Your User -> Appdata -> Roaming -> Microsoft -> Teams -> Backgrounds
  • Upload your IKEA images in this Uploads folder.
  • It's best to use a resolution such as: 1.920 x 1.080.
  • OR copy this string into explorer
    %APPDATA%MicrosoftTeams 【.

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