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🌱 100 Windows 10 backgrounds - Nature, outdoor, sea, beach,.  ⛰️🥾🧢🏞️🌍

Below you can find an images of nature backgrounds. Such as outdoor, green, waterfall, sea, beach, dyke, Iceland, Mountains, dolphins, animals, penguins, sunlight, stars, trees, forest, fishing, boat, roads, road, ice, snow, house, houses, church, palm trees, sunset, mountains, stones, blue, river, clouds, cloudy, bridges,hiking, hiking, hiker, trekking, trek, fun, friends, family, outing, pool, vegetation, canoe, seaweed, under the sea, sand, desert, elephants, animals, outdoor activities, sky, air, adventure, ardennes, Belgium, Netherlands, swimming, people, children.

All images are royalty-free and can be found via Unsplash. - If you wish to find out the publisher of the photo, you can search Unsplash using the file name (the first part).

How can you download a nature background from 365tips?

Right click on the image and select: "Save Image As"

All photos are free of rights and open for use. More information can be found here.

Setting your background in Windows 11

Download the background via save as - image

In Windows 11 - right click on the image - Set this image as background.

Download other backgrounds?

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