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Micrososoft 365 implementation in multiple tenants from 1 AD environment

Sometimes you see IT service providers who have multiple clients housed in one AD environment. In the past maybe a good solution. Since the advent of Microsoft 365, regulations like GDPR, AVG, iso 27K, modern tools like Microsoft Teams, Voice, etc unfortunately not a good solution anymore.


  • You want modern collaboration and to move away from your current legacy infracture.
  • You want to manage cloud-only devices.
  • You want to manage your identities in Office 365 / Azure.
  • You leave on-premises, and make the smartest choice to work full-cloud.

Each object only once in a Azure AD-tenant

Filtered topology for a single forest

Why this approach?

  • You want to give organizations back the power to make their own decisions on how to handle their organization within Office 365 .
  • Flexibility is important, regulations and security also.
  • Not everybody is growing at the same rate. I mean, it's not because you have 1 AD domain now. that you want to trigger changes for everybody because one organization is migrating away from this environment.
  • Productivity - What is the value of your on-premises environment versus the opportunity of full-cloud?

Migration scenario

  • Install Azure AD Connect and sync the necessary users from your local AD to Azure AD.
  • This is an ideal scenario to create the users in Office 365 / Microsoft 365 to quickly transition to Office 365 in case of a Exchange migration.
  • Migrate your home drives or personal drives to OneDrive.
  • Migrate your applications to Azure, or third-party.
  • Convert your printers to a cloud solution or integrate them via Intune on all devices.
  • Manage your devices with Intune.
  • Stop Azure AD connect sync -> Remove the Azure AD Connect Sync & disable the sync.
  • Convert your profiles of your computers so that they are no longer linked to the current AD. (on-premises)
  • Migrate your GPOs to CSP policies.

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