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Setting up and using Microsoft Teams Tags + FAQ

Today a brief update on Microsoft Teams Tags. Read below for the 10 most frequently asked questions about Teams Tags.

Create a Microsoft Teams TAG

  • Browse to https://teams.microsoft.com OR use the Teams application.
  • Right click on your team. (not on your channel)
  • Press Manage Tags
  • This team has no tags yet
  • Press Create Tag
  • Choose a title
  • Add the desired people to this tag

Your Microsoft Teams tag has been created

  • Managing this tag can always be done afterwards.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

  1. You can create multiple tag per TEAM
  2. This can use the created TAGS in ALL channels of the team where you created them. Not in other teams.
  3. tags from other teams you can never use or copy....
  4. It is not possible to copy tags, create via PowerShell.
  5. Managing tags must be done manually. You cannot security, add distribution groups to the TAG.
  6. You can create up to 100 tags per team.
  7. A user can be in 25 tag(groups), not more.
  8. Tags can be disabled by IT administrators or Team Owners.
  9. Tags can only be created by Owners.
  10. Tags are useful for identifying some subteams. Working with Channels is often more convenient for mass creation.

More technical information can be found here .

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