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πŸ“‘ These 11 free websites are so valuable that they feel illegal to use

1. TinyWOW.com - Convert any type of file

TinyWow provides a free online platform to convert PDF files to JPG. Apple's HEIC to JPG and other useful conversions such as:

  • Merge PDF
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to a Microsoft Word file
  • QR Code generator

2. Your temporary e-mail address - temp-mail.org

"Your Temporary Email Address". Quickly subscribe to a online promotion using an email address that no longer needs to exist after a few minutes. Browse to https://temp-mail.org


3. Pexel - Pexels.com

A great website that allows you to download high-quality stock photos for all your work and personal projects.


4. Remove Background - remove.bg

An insane tool that allows you to easily remove the background from your image and add any background you want.


5. microcopy.me - Use free template slogans

A resource to help you find compelling headlines and slogans for your emails, websites and more.


6. Canva.com - Design quickly online in your browser

Canva makes it easy to create professional designs and share or print them.


7. Wix.com - Quickly create a website

create a website without limits - Discover the platform that gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.


8. WordPress.com - A Free Content Management System

WordPress.com contains everything you need to start your own website today.


9. Otter.ai - Automatic machine learning of meeting notes

Capture meeting notes automatically. Find the information you need. Keep everyone informed and on the same page.


10. Loom - Zoom, but better

Record quick videos to update your team and reduce meetings by 29%.


11. Unsplash! unsplash.com

The Internet source of freely usable images. Made possible by photographers from all over the world.


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