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How does the update mechanism of Microsoft Teams work ?

Do you know how updates are installed for Microsoft Teams? Updating Microsoft Teams is a frequently asked question. When does Microsoft Teams client update? What about the web version of Microsoft Teams?

In this article you will read the technical standards of the update process of Teams.

The Teams web app is updated weekly

Updates to the desktop client of the teams are released every two weeks after rigorous internal testing and validation through Microsoft's Technology Adoption Program (TAP). This usually takes place on a Tuesday. If a critical update is needed, Microsoft will update Teams as soon as the update is available.

The client version updates when your computer is idle

How do Microsoft updates Teams for the full version? This version is installed on your computer and updates itself automatically. Your Microsoft Teams Client looks behind the scenes for updates every few hours, downloads them and then waits until the computer is idle to install the update.

Manual update if you can't wait

Users can also download updates manually by clicking Check for updates in the Profile drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the app. If an update is available, it will be downloaded and installed in the background when the computer is idle.

Just because your Teamsclient is updated does not mean you will be able to use new features, for example. Some updates are tenant-dependent and go through other loops in terms of update management. Like the 3×3 view.

If you get this message in breakout rooms then it is best to manually update or reinstall Teams ? "This person is using a device or App version that does not support breakout rooms"

Teams insider

Public preview you can test yourself via mobile or via your computer.

Some facts listed

  • Users must log in to download updates.
  • Starting July 31, 2019, team client updates use significantly less network bandwidth during update. This is enabled by default and requires no action from administrators or users.
  • Microsoft Teams can then be installed with Office 365 ProPlus be installed. Updating is completely separate from this installation or patch and update management. That is, the update will happen as described above regardless of the Office 365 ProPlus or Office update.
  • The most commonly used resources of this article are: Docs from Microsoft
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Unknown or Deleted User Emiel Vandeput

Dear, the previous teams was better for me in this view that my daily contacts were in the middle of the screen and not reduced on the right side of the screen. In the middle is now in large my call history but I do not need it in my daily use. Can this be fixed please?

Regards Emiel Vandeput

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