These are the best features and functions of Microsoft 365 for your digital workplace

These are the best features and functions of Microsoft 365 for your digital workplace

In this article you will learn how to set up a modern digital workplace with Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 features.

In this article, I will elaborate on the added value of specific themes of Microsoft 365.

The goal is to build an environment that is as simple as possible with Microsoft 365. Which enables users to work well together


  • Digital transformation. Every company has an initiative for digital transformation. Microsoft 365 optimally supports this digital transformation.
  • Increasing flexibility. The ability to react faster to changes.
  • Give information workers and frontline workers the opportunity to work together.
  • Support for different work styles such as: millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, Baby Boomers.
  • Generate better insights. Create real-time reports.
  • Increase mobility so that people can also work from home. Did you know that 98% of information workers communicate with someone else at work every week?
  • Improving security and compliance. Usually there is no control over the data. no compliance or control over data loss. one answer: Microsoft 365!

Microsoft 365 E3 or Microsoft 365 E5?


Office 365 - standard set

  • Every company uses e-mail, calendars, ...➡ shift to exchange Online. This is a proven standard.
  • telephony, voice, video, meeting ➡ Microsoft Teams. This is used by more than 500,000 organisations and is a new proven standard for working together.
  • Office ProPlus: Every organisation uses Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
  • Planner, Yammer, OneDrive, SharePoint,..

Office 365 - advanced options

  • Did you know that there are many Microsoft 365 services that are free, standard, out-of-the-box? This with built-in dashboards. no customisation required.
  • Workplace analysis: measure the progress of your transformation goals or evaluate the effectiveness of your change efforts.
  • Measure meeting hours, discover inefficient processes, identify obstacles to innovation, identify influencers (people!) both positive and negative. So that you can actively steer for innovation.
  • MyAnalytics: Obviously not to monitor what people do - but to help you find out how efficient your organisation is. People in your organisation can discover and improve their own habits thanks to insights. So not to replace everyone- but to focus on more important tasks. People work, think.

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

  • Security & Compliance: Not enough organisations are aware of the possibilities of Microsoft 365.
  • Control remains within the organisation, on-premise, Cloud.
  • You can identify where documents are and act on them according to needs.
  • Identity & Access management: Simplified identity management makes it easy to implement security programmes. Users can reset their own passwords and so on. Zero-IT.
  • Identity management is a huge workload for many IT organisations today.
  • Managed Mobile Productivity: Use Autopilot to roll out new devices and increase productivity.
  • Reduce helpdesk costs through total management of Windows 10 devices and mobile devices! Mobile devices are often forgotten. And have the largest attack surface.
  • Identity driven Security: Because of the use of a single-identity in Azure. Or hybrid synchronised by your local Active Directory service organisations, Microsoft 365 can act automatically when needed.
  • Give the users the possibility to do as many necessary actions themselves as possible.
  • Information Protection : This allows documents to be automatically classified and labelled.
  • Start simple with a few labels. do not assign automatically!
  • After everyone has gone through this change. Understands how the technology works, confidential files can be automatically tagged and protected so that they cannot be shared externally. Or cannot be accessed by third parties without permission.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Most reports are built-in and standard integrated in Microsoft 365 E5. ATP makes it possible to stop malware such as Office 365 ATP. But also Windows Defender ATP & Azure ATP are among the possibilities.
  • These ATP reports provide insights and a reflection of the needs or investment areas. From Windows update to ransomware protection.

Windows 10 Enterprise - made for modern IT

  • Windows 10: one of the (unfortunately) biggest weaknesses of organisations because they often do not set up or understand patch management properly. Setting it up = important. Controlling and adjusting even more important.
  • Microsoft Windows 10: Windows 10 already has 10 versions. Starting with the 2015 version: 1507, then 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909. Unfortunately, the first versions are already end-of-life, and are thus still massively used.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise: Comes in versions with continuous improvement and should be implemented in a service model with automatic updates, roll-outs, deployment, patching, updates, software requests (self-service) etc.
  • Not traditional with imaging, manual updates, ...
  • With smart insights, you can monitor this closely so that it can be completely under control.
  • Desktop Analytics: New for organisations that traditionally imaged their IT assets. This is an important pillar to take into account to ensure that update management will be done in a smart way. With recommendations, analyses and data insights.
  • It has become unfeasible to create golden images in an ever-changing world of software, versions, etc.
  • PowerBI Integration: Because of the rich Eco system within Microsoft 365, everything can be measured. This report below is standard without any manipulation with Power-bi.
  • Cloud App Security: Gives the possibility to glue the entire Microsoft 365 stack together. From Office 365 insights to OneDrive, SharePoint but also Teams. From Windows Defender ATP to ATP sensors on your domain controllers. one simple overview. where you see exactly what is happening in your environment.
  • Fully automatic handling of alerts. If you receive an alert in Cloud App Security you can act automatically. For example: Your CEO suddenly logs into China. Block account. Create a ticket in your ticket tool. Schedule an engineer for high-attention contact with identity verification.

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