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Create and submit assignments in Teams - Education

You can use Microsoft Teams to give students assignments? Create, hand out, follow up and grade. Get started in 5 steps!

Also read the quickstart to get started with this as a new educational institution, here.

1. Login to your teams application.

  • In this case, the teacher logs in to add a task later.

2. Create a new task in Teams

  • At your previously created class via this blog post, click on Assignment.
  • Create an assignment in as in following screen.
  • After saving this blog post, you will get automatic updates in Teams.

3. Review your assignments

You will see your assignments in your chat and in Microsoft Teams.

  • An automatic update looks like this.

4. Assessing for the teacher/teacher

  • Based on your student's feedback or input, you can give points.
  • If you click on "student's work" you can see what he/she has uploaded.
  • In one global view, you can "track" all students.
  • You can see all the points you gave.
  • Review any tasks yet to be reviewed.
  • Export an overview to Excel.

4. Closing an assignment

Closing assignments in Microsoft Teams is best done by setting an end date in the assignment. Assignments are automatically closed when the date has passed.

Unfortunately, files can still be modified after the assignment is submitted. A tip here is to make rules with students that the date should not be changed again. Version history can also help. Or submit a PDF in an alternative way.

Download all the assignments?

Downloading all assignments is not possible by default. You could check where the commands are saved and then use OneDrive to sync the folders with your explorer.


  • The above steps represent a simplified representation to assess students in an easy way.
  • Of course, sometimes customization is needed to improve this process. This can happen all the time thanks to the PowerPlatform.
  • Basic processing and digital collaboration on 30 minutes of setup time, check Teams!

In video assignment making explained

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2 months ago

During our weekly meetings, reports are created in word and placed in Teams . Can a certain item discussed in this report/file be assigned as a task to a person to execute or follow up on? In one move Or do we have to create additional tasks afterwards for this?

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