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πŸ” How to set Full Access, send-on-behalf or Send-As in Exchange Online ?

In Exchange Online management console you can assign permissions to a mailbox or group so that other users can access this mailbox. There are 3 options you can activate which are detailed below:

  • (Full Access) allow access on shared and personal mailboxes for a user or group.
  • Send on Behalf give rights to another use in place of. (These permissions are only for another user)
  • Send-As allows users to send emails through another mailbox. (Shared or personal mailbox)

How do you log into the Exchange Online portal?

There are 2 portals for managing Exchange Online :

Set up full access to a Exchange Mailbox through the Exchange Control Panel

Browse to: https://outlook.office.com/ECP, find the mailbox and press change at the top.

At Mailbox delegation press + and add a desired user, then press Save.

Send on behalf of Send-as permissions via the revamped Exchange Panel

Browse to: https://admin.exchange.microsoft.com/#/mailboxes to get directly to the mailboxes page.

Select the desired mailbox, and press Mailbox delegation at the top.

On the right side, choose which permissions you wish to activate.

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