How to remove a device from your Microsoft account or Office 365 account

How to remove a device from your Microsoft account or Office 365 account

There are several ways to delete a device in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure or in your Microsoft consumer account. In this article you can see different scenarios that will help you to delete your device.

How do I deactivate devices connected to Office 365?

You use this option to release your Office 365 Apps if you have more than 5 licences in use.

Go to and select other installation options.


Select apps & devices.


Press devices, then sign-out.


How do I delete a device with a Microsoft Personal Account?

If you want to remove a device from your Microsoft account or Office 365 account, you should use this option to remove devices that have access to your personal data.

Go to, log in and find the device you want to delete. Press delete device at the bottom.


Delete a device from Microsoft Endpoint manager

Deleting a device is done to block access immediately. It is safer to do a remote reset.

Go to and follow the procedure below.

Deleting a device in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Go to /#home and select Azure AD.

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How to export the list of devices (for each account) at powershell ?
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