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Microsoft announces new security measures: Meeting ID with access code soon possible on Teams Rooms on Windows

In an era of digital communication and collaboration, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a major player in the field of online meetings and collaboration tools. Now a new feature has been announced that will further enhance security and privacy for Teams-users: the addition of a Meeting ID and access code for Teams Rooms on Windows.

What does this mean for Teams Rooms users?

This means IT administrators now have the ability to add an additional layer of security to Teams meetings. When enabled, meeting participants will require a unique Meeting ID and access code to participate. This reduces the likelihood of unauthorized access to meetings, thus better ensuring attendee privacy and security. Previously, meetings often worked through and were cumbersome in terms of who could be in the meeting.

When is Teams Rooms on Windows with Meeting ID and Access Code Availability?

This new feature is available to Teams Rooms Pro customers. So if you have a Teams Rooms Pro subscription, you can take advantage of these enhanced security measures.

How does Teams Room on Windows with security code work?

When a meeting is scheduled, a Meeting ID and access code are generated in addition to the usual invitation link. Participants must enter both the ID and code to access the meeting.

IT administrators have the ability to enable and customize this feature through the Teams management center, allowing them to choose a level of security that fits their organization's needs.


At a time when data protection and privacy is essential, Microsoft Teams is taking a step forward to ensure that online meetings remain secure and protected. With the introduction of a Meeting ID and access code for Teams Rooms on Windows, organizations can now hold their online meetings with peace of mind knowing they have an extra layer of security against unwanted intruders.

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Microsoft 365 Roadmap: Meeting ID and passcode to join on Teams Rooms on Windows - Feature ID: 101332


What's next on the roadmap?

New features arrive weekly via the new Feedback Portal (UserVoice) in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. Evolutions and new announcements can always be accessed at: microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365.

In this Microsoft 365 roadmap you can access information about Microsoft Teams but also about: Excel, Microsoft Edge, Forms, OneDrive, Stream, Visio, Whiteboard, etc. Be sure to check out this page: Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365.

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