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Why should you use Azure Active Directory Premium P1 in Microsoft 365 Business?

Azure Active Directory Premium P1 is included in every Microsoft 365 Business premium license starting April 21, 2020.

Important because all SMEs need P1 capabilities to set up their modern workplace .

What is relevant technology for the SME market?

1. Cloud App Discovery

Modern companies are working with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenario to work from home. IT departments are often unaware of all the cloud applications their employees use for work. As a result, administrators often worry about unauthorized access to corporate data, potential data breaches and other security risks inherent in the applications.

  • Discover applications and measure usage by number of users, traffic volume or number of web requests to the application.
  • Identify the users who use applications.
  • Export data for additional offline analysis
  • Prioritize applications to bring them under IT control and easily integrate applications to enable single sign-on and user management.

Getting Started with Cloud App Discovery

2. Application Proxy

Many organizations run business-critical apps on-premises, and with the advent of remote and work-from-home scenarios, it becomes important to enable everyone to access these apps securely from anywhere. Azure AD Application Proxy is an agent that provides access to your on-premises apps without opening wide access to your network.


3. Dynamic groups

help automate IT and business processes by automatically adding/removing users from security groups based on their attributes, reducing the administrative burden of adding and removing users. You can define attributes such as "sales department" to dynamically place a user in a particular group, for example. You can use dynamic groups to automatically assign users to groups and then use these groups to grant access to applications.


4. Passwordless authentication

With the multitude of apps we use every day, passwords can be frustrating to remember and easily breached. Passwordless authentication makes life easier for you by replacing the password with something you have, plus something you are or something you know.

Microsoft offers the following three passwordless authentication options that integrate with Azure AD - Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator app and FIDO2 security keys.

Passwordless authentication for Azure Active Directory

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