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Use HiFi music mode to play music in Microsoft Teams

It has recently become possible to enhance your music experience in Teams with the HiFi music mode.

This new capability brings a richer sound experience when streaming music in a Teamsmeeting or conversation. Great with good Spotify songs.

This setting is good for online music lessons, sending music performances and any other time you want to send high-quality music to an online audience.

In this mode, Teams brings the audio quality from 32 kHz to 128 kbps.

Only when network bandwidth permits.

When network bandwidth is insufficient, the bit rate can be reduced to 48 kbps and Teams still produces good quality audio.

An ideal solution for sound recording and reproduction of music or vocals.

How to enable hifi music mode in Microsoft Teams?

Before joining a meeting or call, go to Settings> Devices> High-fidelity music mode and enable the switch.

There will be a check box below it for noise reduction which is enabled by default.

Once you are in a meeting, select the music note at the top of your meeting window. You are now ready to send music. (Streaming)

When you're done, select the music note again to turn off the hi-fi music mode.

A screenshot of the meeting controls at the top of a Microsoft Teams meeting. The music note icon is circled in red to highlight the button that turns on high fidelity music mode

source: Use high fidelity music mode to play music in Teams (microsoft.com)

What comes out later?

The previously released ML-based noise reduction is now enabled by default for everyone. ML-based noise suppression considers any non-speech signal picked up by the microphone as noise to be suppressed.

To avoid music suppression and enable users to enable the new high-fidelity music mode, Microsoft has built an ML-based music detector that notifies the user via notification when music is present.

This gives the end user the choice of whether music is indeed an unwanted background noise, as when dialing into a meeting from a coffee shop, or whether music is a desired signal, as when participating in a music class.

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