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📩 Outlook: How to retrieve or replace an email message you sent (Recall)

'Message recall' allows you to recall or update and resend a message you have sent, retrieved from the mailboxes of recipients who have not yet opened it.

For example, if you forgot to add an attachment, you can try to withdraw the message and then send a replacement message with the attachment.

Message retraction is available after you click Send and is only available if both you and the recipient have a Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Exchange-email account in the same organization.

If you use this feature with other mail systems or Office 365 tenant then the recipient will often be notified that a recall has occurred but will often not delete the message.

How to send and retrieve a test email with Microsoft Outlook?

To retrieve or replace an email message you have sent in Outlook, it is necessary to first send a message. In this video tutorial, I will send a message to a colleague within the same tenant. (organization)

How to retrieve or replace an e-mail message you sent in Microsoft Outlook (Recall)

In the video above, you already saw how a test message will be sent.

Under message options, press -> Actions -> Recall This Message

Then decide if you want to delete the message. Or choose the 2nd option to send a message to replace it.

Video instructions of recalling a message and replacing it with a new message.

How to do a Message Recall in Outlook Online? (Web)

Recalling a message in just the same way as in the Outlook Client does not work.

Microsoft did create the ability to count up to 10 seconds to send a message.

Select from Settings -> View all Outlook Settings

Activate the option: Undo Send in Exchange Online - Outlook Web Access. Then press save.

From now on, you have the option to click on after sending up to 10 seconds later: Undo. (Bottom)

Unfortunately, this option remains active for only 10 seconds. A good reaction time is required.

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