Using Spotlight in Microsoft Teams 💡🎥 | Focus on the speaker!

Using Spotlight in Microsoft Teams 💡🎥 | Focus on the speaker!

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To spotlight a video is to see one person in the picture during the meeting.

If you are an organiser or presenter, you can choose everyone's video (including your own) as the main video to display.

This function has been included in Microsoft Teams since September 2020.

How to activate spotlight?

Right-click on the participant 's name to put them in the spotlight.

You can also right-click at the bottom of the participants during the meeting to switch the spotlight on or off.


Spotlight recording in Microsoft Teams

For the time being, it is not possible to do spotlight recording in Microsoft Teams. It also doesn't look like this feature will be coming soon due to few votes on UserVoice. If this feature is important to you -> vote!


Spotlight Recording - Microsoft Teams UserVoice

Spotlight explained in a video

Spotlight and recordings

For the time being it is not possible to include spotlight in the recordings of Team talks.

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Roel Peeters
1 year ago

Unfortunately, this does not (yet) work with a shared screen (e.g. PowerPoint).

Jerry Mcdonald
Jerry Mcdonald
1 year ago

Any idea when the spotlight feature will work during a recorded session?

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