3 tips for holding efficient meetings as a secretary in Teams

3 tips for holding efficient meetings as a secretary in Teams

After more than a year of practice with the online meetings, we are slowly going back to the office to physically participate in meetings. Most companies have also used the recent period to write a so-called home working policy. This makes it possible to have 'hybrid' meetings: one person physically present and the other taking part online . And you, as a support person, can of course take care of that! These practical Teams tips will help you avoid a lot of annoyance.

1. Automatically create a Teams link in each meeting request

Nothing is as irritating as receiving a meeting request, but there is no Teams link. Sending them separately creates chaos. To avoid this, it is possible to automatically turn every meeting request into a Microsoft Teams meeting.

2. Add a OneNote notebook to Teams

Open Teams, click on Apps and then on OneNote. Then use the down arrow to add OneNote to your Team. Don't know the exact name of your team? Just look it up using the search field. Then you first need to create a tab. To do so, click on Create new note. Give the note a name and save it.

3. Record your meeting

Minutes can sometimes be a tricky job. Especially if there are many discussions... Teams has an option to record the meeting.

During the meeting, you had of course already made some notes... (in OneNote, see above!). If you still want to listen to the notes after the meeting, you can do so with the recording.

This is how you record the meeting:

During your conversation, press Start recording at the top after the 3 dots.


Then press start recording.


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