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Getting into the Microsoft Windows Insider preview program  - Windows 11

What is the registration process for Windows 11 insider versions?

Want to test beta versions of Windows 11 -> go to: https://insider.windows.com and start as a Windows Insider.

You can do this with your personal or work account.

Getting into the Windows 11 insider program?

After you register for the Windows Insider-program on the Internet or directly through Settings > Update and Security > Windows Insider-program, register your PC for Flight Insider Preview builds through this option. Read more

Windows Insider Program -> Link a Windows Account.

Choose an account to log in as an Insider.

Select -> Dev Channel

Dev Channel = Windows 11.

Install Windows 11 insider preview 10.0.22000.51 (Co_release)!

Press "restart now."

Windows Insider program in Windows 11

From the time your computer has Windows 11, it is possible to activate specific versions of the Insider Preview .

Navigate to Windows Update in Windows 11.

Select Beta-Channel in Windows 11

As of now, you have the beta Channel version of Windows 11.

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