How can you disable or limit chatting during or after a Teams meeting?

How can you disable or limit chatting during or after a Teams meeting?

As the popularity of Microsoft Teams increases, so does the need for more control over how a meeting proceeds.

You often want participants not to chat during the meeting in order to keep their attention on the meeting.

Or you want participants to be able to give feedback so that they can participate to the maximum.

This blog will help you to adjust the chat settings during and before a meeting.

Can't find it? Send a message in the chat below and help others with your questions and answers too.

You can also disable chat in the full tenant. Read all about it in this blog .

There are 3 ways to disable Microsoft Teams chat:

  • Active (enabled)
  • Inactive (disabled)
  • Only in the meeting (meeting only)

Manage team meeting chat settings - during the meeting

During the meeting, you can change the settings as indicated above via 'meeting options'.


Manage team meeting chat settings - before the meeting

Schedule a meeting via this blog.


Press meeting options.


Set the meeting chat option to your personal preference.


Via Outlook Online block chatting before or during a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Browse To: https: // - Select links - Agenda


Select the desired meeting and then press: 'meeting options


Adjust settings in your web browser


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1 year ago

Bonjour, nous rencontrons des problèmes pour l'accès au "chat". Some participants in a training course lasting several days no longer have access to "chat" even though there was no problem in the first few days of training.
They get the message: "You can't send messages because you are not a member of the chat".
In the options of the meeting, it was clearly indicated that chat was enabled.
J'avais aussi "added" un participant "to the meeting and shared all chat history", mais cela n'a pas fonctionné.

The only quick solution found was to create a new link at teams and invite all the participants. Ils avaient alors tous de nouveau accès au "chat".

Is that because we use the same link teams for several days with people outside the company?
Do you have a faster solution?

Thank you in advance for your return.

D. Jacques

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