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How to activate Zoom in Outlook to automatically schedule meetings?

Integrations are a challenge to get the best out of different solutions. In this blog, I explain how to integrate Zoom into Office 365 with the goal of making Zoom available in all users' calendars.

Integration of third-party applications

Browse To: https://portal.office.com/adminportal - as Global Administrator
Press Integrated Apps at Settings.

Get Apps: Search for Zoom for Outlook
Activate Zoom for Outlook for the entire organization.

Office 365 Admin Portal Get Apps

You can choose to assign this application to a group or the entire organization. (Or just yourself)

Zoom Integrated Apps Office 365 Admin Center

Once the Zoom application is rolled out, you'll see the results here.

Zoom Rollout Full tenant

Setting up a Zoom meeting in Outlook

Scheduling a meeting in Zoom can be done through several ways.

You can share your URL so that people can always come to your meeting. -> In the Zoom client, press 'Schedule' -> Enter a topic, a start date and any other parameters you want.

Then press Save.

Scheduling a meeting in Zoom

Distributing a Zoom URL via messages

via Mail, Whatsapp, Outlook or other channels you can share the link of the meeting.

Copy invitation Zoom

Via the Outlook client (fatclient)

A 2nd possibility is through Microsoft Outlook. For this, you need to enable Outlook integration in settings. You can download Zoom's Outlook application first.

Integrate Zoom with Outlook
Schedule a meeting with Outlook - Zoom

If you press Schedule a meeting in Outlook you will see the display below. Here you can press Save in a moment.

Zoom book meeting outlook 2016

Choose the desired recipients

Zoom meeting ID Passcode Outlook

Now you have created a meeting via the Zoom outlook plugin.

Via Outlook online

By doing the integration in the tenant Web view, you can schedule a Zoom meeting.

Browse Go to: https://outlook.office.com -> And press calendar.


This is the most practical way to schedule a meeting without having to touch the devices.

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