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How do you limit mobile data usage in Windows 11?

Windows 11 has new modern gadgets that allow for better mobile working such as data usage restrictions. In this blog, I explain how to get started activating this. 

In Windows 11 navigate to settings

Select Start -> Settings -> Network and Internet.

Bandwith metered Windows 11

Choose data usage at the top

Select the desired network card. Wifi or Ethernet. (wired).

Enter a limit you wish to put on the wireless Internet or 3G/4G subscription.

Advanced Network Settings Windows 11

Example: 2GB / Month.

Set data limit monthly daily weekly one time unlimited

Set data limit in iOS?

On your iPad, iPhone and in MacOSX, it is possible to limit data usage.

Go to settings on your iPhone.

ios iCloud Media Airplane mode wi-fi, bluetooth, personal hotspot, notifications, sound & haptics

Then select Mobile data options.

mobile data iOS network selection wifi calling mobile data network

Enable low data consumption for iPhone. (Low Data Mode)

Low Data Mode iOS Apple

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