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Tutorial: How to make video calls with Microsoft Teams? - Conference Call

Are you just getting started with Microsoft Teams and need help setting up your first video conference? Then walk through this 5-step plan for sending out a meeting, and getting it up and running.

Microsoft Teams meetings can be held with people within your organization, as well as external contacts who don't have Office 365 or teams .

Contacts who do not have Microsoft Teams receive a link in their mailbox that allows them to enter the online meeting. They can do this through their web browser, or on their smartphone.

Video calls explained in a video

1. Open your Microsoft Teams program

2. Open your calendar to schedule a new video meeting

  • At the top right, press New Meeting

3. create a new video meeting in Teams

  • Enter a title
  • Insert your colleagues, friends, or external contacts
  • Select the date of the meeting
  • Send your invitation

4. Go to Outlook calendar, or your calendar online to open your video meeting

5. Press now participate.(External users will get a similar display)

  • You can get into the meeting through your Microsoft Teams application for Windows 10. Or through the browser. And also as a guest (as in screenshot 2)
  • In the icons below now participate you can see a camera that you can turn on to show your webcam to the other persons.
  • More information to work with external can be found here.
participate to meeting Teams
participate to meeting Teams

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