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🔇 How can you "mute" everyone in a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Putting everyone on silent or "mute" during and meeting or class or conference ensures that no interruptions can occur.

When introducing a class or making an announcement, you don't want people to be able to speak or make noises.

In this blog, I explain how to properly configure a meeting.

How can I "mute" everyone during a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Putting everyone on silent during the Teams-meeting ensures that there are no disruptions from unwanted participants.

Press the 3 dots at the top and select: Allow the microphone for all participants - OFF.

How can I "mute" everyone before a Microsoft Teams meeting starts?

While planning a meeting, it is convenient that you can already configure the settings.

This gives the advantage that all settings are ready at the start of the meeting.

When creating the meeting with invitation press: Meeting options.

In the meeting options, adjust this option to allow participants without using their microphone.

Afterwards, you can change this setting back when participants are allowed to speak again.

How can you make sure participants don't mute you while speaking?

It is inconvenient when participants mute the wrong person during a presentation. This is because they have the same rights as yourself.

If you make people participants-so just yourself as a presenter-they also lose the rights to put the speakers on mute.

If you have multiple speakers please choose under: Who can present - Multiple lecturers.

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