How to activate and use shared channels in Microsoft Teams (Teams Connect)

How to activate and use shared channels in Microsoft Teams (Teams Connect)

Shared channels in Teams Connect allow multiple organisations to share one channel that all members can access from their own Microsoft Teams environment.

Channel sharing is suitable for scenarios in which several organisations collaborate on a single project. Or organisations that want to open up documents and data to each other without leaving control to one organisation. This feature gives perspective to users who always had to log out of Microsoft Teams and then log in at another organisation.

Guest access is more suited to situations where an external party needs broad access to organisational data and information outside the channel. In addition, guest access remains tremendously suitable for sharing an entire team in which applications, links, third-party, chat, voice is also available.

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Benefits of Teams channels

If you are wondering how Teams Connect compares to Teams Guest Access, it seems that with Guest Access you can add an external user to your Teams environment, where it becomes a guest.

Teams Channels, in turn, have the option of adding third parties within the organisation who can use Microsoft Teams just as they work internally. The big advantage here is that users do not have to worry about the relatively complex integrations between multiple organisations.

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A big step in cross-organisational collaboration with Microsoft Teams Connect.

How to create shared channels in Microsoft Teams ?

As with a private or organisation channel, press: Add channel in Teams.


Select shared channels.


Add the internal and external persons to your shared channel.


Share a channel with external or internal people using Share Channel. You can also share a channel internally to integrate with another team if you are the owner.


How to activate Shared Channels in Teams Admin Center

How to activate Teams Channels in Teams Admin Center? Browseto: Teams policies - Microsoft Teams admin center

Create a new Teams Policy or adjust the global policy. Then activate it:

  • Create Shared Channels.
  • Allow the use of external users in the shared channels.
  • Allow organisation users to participate in shared channels of other organisations.

What's next on the roadmap

New features are added to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap on a weekly basis via UserVoice. Evolutions and new announcements can always be consulted at:

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