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💁 How to add external guests in Microsoft Teams?

In this blog, you can read how to add guests or external contacts in Microsoft Teams.

There are 3 other methods to collaborate with guests in Teams. You need these methods if it is not allowed by the IT department or organization to make contact with the outside world.

1. Create a new Microsoft Team or use a current Team

Tip: How can you privately, publicly or organization-wide teams manufacture?

2. Activate guest access in the Teams Admin Center – guest access (adminstrator)

To be able to add guests (guest-login) to Teams this must be activated within your Office 365 tenant. You can do this via this URL:
This is only available for Microsoft Teams administrators of Global Administrators in Office 365.

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3. Add external contacts in Microsoft Teams

Adding guests to Teams is actually easy for a user to do themselves.

  • Navigate to the team you want to add a guest to.
  • Based on their email address, add the user.
  • You may receive a notification to confirm that you allow third parties or externals to be added. You may accept this one.
  • Press Add Member

Enter external contacts using this wizard. then press Add or add. This can also be done for 100 users (or more) at the same time.

Add the desired remote users based on their e-mail address.

The recipient sees in his Microsoft teams oneicon of the teams to which he/she has access.

icon of the teams in which he/she has access

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3 years ago

Hi Jasper,
Can you teams Also add someone who only has view/read rights and can't change files or whatever?
Thank you
Greetings Kim


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3 years ago

Best Jasper,
Can you also only invite guests to a separate channel in a team (and that they don't see the channel 'general')? If not, what is the best way to collaborate with guests: a separate team (incl. sharepoint) specifically for such projects?

Sigrid Engelen
Sigrid Engelen
3 years ago

Dear Jasper,

I would like to create a channel within a team in which I want to invite 1 person who is not in my organization. 5This way we can easily communicate via chat and share documents. ) But I can just add someone from in the organization. Could it be that I, as a non-manager of our organization, can't do that? M.a.w. dat my management have to take care of that?

2 years ago

Hi Jasper,

What should I do if I have invited someone in the above way and that person does not receive the emails. Is there any way I can still get someone to send me something?


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