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Microsoft Intune Company Portal installation - Endpoint manager

Microsoft Endpoint manager gives the option to install Intune Company portal on all computers.

In turn, the company portal allows users to install their own software on their computers.

More autonomy, yet controlled and without administrator rights.

Activate Microsoft Store for business

Activate Intune in the Microsoft Store for Business. https://businessstore.microsoft.com/en-us/manage/settings/distribute

Activate Microsoft Store for Business in Endpoint manager

Navigate to: https://endpoint.microsoft.com/#blade/Microsoft_Intune_DeviceSettings/TenantAdminConnectorsMenu/msfb

Activate the Store for Business Sync.

Press Sync.

Install Company Portal on all computers

Search 'company portal' at: https://businessstore.microsoft.com/en-us/store and use your Office 365 administrators account to make the purchase.

Because you have activated Sync from above, you have the ability to purchase applications through the store that automatically enter the apps repository.

Assign the application to all users.

In a future blog, you will read how to offer applications, through this company portal but still give users the autonomy to install software themselves.

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