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How to use the Office 365 Reports for usage, mobility and adoption?

Adoption reports allow organizations to measure which services are within Office 365 be used. A huge opportunity to make a well-founded case of the quality of your change management on the technical side.

Office 365 Adoption Content Pack in PowerBI

There are dozens of content packs that display as shown below.

You can find it at: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/tag/content-packs/

PowerBI Portal

surfs to the PowerBI Portal: powerbi.microsoft.com

Click on -> Try for free!

Click on sign up (at the top)

Browse to https://app.powerbi.com/groups/me/getdata

Click Service Content Pack

Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

Install this PowerBI app?

Select the Microsoft Report

Connect your data – Connect

Fill your Tenant ID. (see portal.azure.com)

That's is! You've now configured your Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics report!

Sample report below!

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