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📧 The benefits of a Exchange migration to Microsoft 365

Exchange Migrations to Office 365 have maximum added value if you can later do integrations to other Microsoft 365 services, such as Microsoft Teams. The benefits of a Exchange migration to Microsoft 365 can be found in this article.

How do you perform a Exchange migration?

If you come from Exchange on-premises and have 100, 500 or 2000 mailboxes migrate at one time in cut-over. This is Microsoft's best-practise and is described this way on technet.

Pre-sync all mailboxes to 95%. this means that all data is in the cloud until you decide the migration can proceed.

All preparatory steps are measurable. You can know exactly how much data you can upload to the cloud. And you can roughly calculate the lead time of the migration. During synchronization, there is no user impact, so you can do this behind the scenes. - To be sure, allow some time for contingencies in.

Tell everyone that a migration will happen. But above all: why, what is the vision and strategy?

Why migrate ? "Can users do more after migration and what that?"

These are the benefits for all users:

Users get a mailbox of 2GB or 10GB or 50GB or more. It is not of "this age" to be limited in data storage. This is a good benefit to pass along to all users.

Users are happy when they can better organize processes in their mailbox from migration with Microsoft PowerAutomate. OR can take more control of their own Office 365 account.

From the shift, you can set up self-service password reset so that users can reset their own passwords. And requirement for this though is Multi-Factor Authentication.

Security is high on the agendas after the massive hacks in recent years. Multi-Factor Authentication is easy to use from the moment your environment is in Office 365 .

What are important (technical) reasons to migrate?

TCO of your Exchange environment. In a broader licensing model, the cost of Exchange is relatively low. Exchange self-hosting with 50GB mailboxes quickly costs a lot of infrastructure and abstainer. This cost is reflected in a monthly or annual model at Office 365.

Security & updates. Microsoft makes every effort to keep their systems secure. there are several additional features such as MFA and other enhancements and integrations with OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

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