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Configure automatic login + sync in Edge with intune

Signing in to the browser does not mean that synchronization is enabled by default; the user must sign in separately to use this feature. (1)

If you set this policy to "Enforce login to browser" (2), users must login to a profile to use the browser. By default, this allows the user to choose whether they want to sync with their account. (2)

If you do not configure this policy, users can decide whether to enable the login option with the browser and use it as they see fit.

0 = Disable browser sign-in

1 = Enable browser sign-in

2 = force users to log into Edge

Installing Microsoft Edge - via Intune

First of all, install Microsoft Edge via Endpoint manager. This can be done through this blog.

Install Microsoft Edge browser with Microsoft EndPoint Manager / Intune

Configuring the intune profile

Browse to: https://endpoint.microsoft.com/#home to access the endpoint manager portal.

Press Devices -> Configuration profile -> Create profile -> Windows 10 -> Administrative Template


Under Configuration settings, choose Browser sign-in settings


Force users to sign-in to use the browser


Assign this policy to the desired group.

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