Download and install Google Meet on your Windows computer

Download and install Google Meet on your Windows computer

Google Meet (formerly Google Hangouts) is the counterpart to Microsoft Teams or Zoom. With Google meet, you can mainly hold and organise video meetings in a fast and secure way.

Unlike Microsoft Teams and Zoom, Google does not offer a native application today, which is a strong and leading choice by the tech giant. More applications and heavy applications often make your computer slower and therefore reduce the ease of use.

In this blog I will explain how you can install Google Meet on your Windows 10 or 11 PC or on your Mac. Every browser based on Chromium has the possibility to use PWA-apps, these apps give the possibility to have the same experience as fat-client apps.

Register and activate Google Meet

BrowseTo: Create a Google Account - Google Account Help to create a Google account.

A Google account is required to forward meetings to participants from this environment.

How to start Google Meet in Windows?

Login to your Google account via:

Or navigate directly to Google Meet ->


Installing Google Meet in Windows

As with other PWA (Progressive Web Apps) applications, it is possible to install Google Meet in Windows 10 or Windows 11. This is possible on every version of Windows and in the Chromium-based browsers on the Apple operating system. Always more fun not to work in the browser on your laptop or desktop.

At the top of the Edge Browser select -> Install Google Meet.


Then select installation of Google Meet.


Select the following settings:

  • pin to taskbar
  • Pin to start
  • Create a desktop icon.
  • Auto-start when starting up the device (if desired)
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Scheduling a meeting with Google Meet in Microsoft Windows

"Create a meeting for later" to send out a scheduled meeting to colleagues.


Then share the join information with the participants.


How to share the screen in Google Meet?

In Google meet, you can share the screen by selecting this icon at the bottom, then selecting the full screen, or a window.


How to adjust audio settings in Google Meet?

In the settings tab at the bottom you can select settings -> then press Audio, Video to change the input or output.


How to change the default resolution of Google Meet?

In the same menu, under settings, it is possible to adjust the send-resolution. This can be set to: High-definition (720p) or standard (360p)


Activate a Filter (background effect) in the Google Meet Application in Windows?


Configure a dial-in number in Google Meet?

Within each version of Google Meet, people can dial in without having to purchase an additional service. Select under: more settings -> Use a landline or mobile phone.


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How to include a meeting in Google Meet?

If you want to record a meeting with Google Meet, you can get started with the instructions below.

Press this icon at the bottom:


Then press record meeting.

Follow the same steps to stop the meeting. To do so, press again


And then click on stop recording.

See all the people in a Google video meeting?

Tip: Seeing people in video conferences - Google Workspace Information Centre


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