What can team owners, members and guests do in Microsoft Teams?

What can team owners, members and guests do in Microsoft Teams?

Every member in Teams has a role, and for each role there are different permissions. In this blog you can see the different roles of team owners, members and guests.

What can team owners, members and guests do in Microsoft Teams? 

Owners: Team owners manage certain settings for the team. They add and remove members, add guests, change team settings and perform administrative tasks. A team can have several owners.

Members: Members are the people who are part of the team. They can talk to other team members in conversations. They can view and usually upload files. They can participate participate in the usual types of collaboration allowed by team owners.

Guests: Guests are people from outside the organisation that a team owner invites to join the team, such as partners or consultants. Guests have fewer opportunities than team members or team owners, but they can still do a lot.

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Who can do what in Microsoft Teams?

Create a channelcheck markcheck markcheck mark
participateto a private chatcheck markcheck markcheck mark
participateto a conversationcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Share a channel filecheck markcheck markcheck mark
Sharinga chat filecheck markcheck mark
Add apps (such as tabs, bots or connectors)check markcheck mark
Can be invited via a work or school account for Microsoft 365check mark
Create a teamcheck markcheck mark
Delete or edit posted messagescheck markcheck markcheck mark
Search public teams and become a membercheck markcheck mark
View organisational chartcheck markcheck mark
Add or remove members and guestscheck mark
Edit or delete a teamcheck mark
Setting the permissions of the teams for channels, tabs and connectorscheck mark
Change the team imagecheck mark
Adding guests to a teamcheck mark
Automatically displaychannels for the entire teamcheck mark
@[teamname]-mentionscheck mark
Allow @channel- or @[channelname]-mentionscheck mark
Allow the use of emojis, GIFs and memescheck mark
Renewing a teamcheck mark
Archiving or restoring a teamcheck mark
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Source: https://support.microsoft.com/nl-nl/office/de-mogelijkheden-voor-teameigenaren-leden-en-gasten-in- teams

What can team owners do more than guests and members?

Team owners can organise the team according to the needs of the members and guests. they can, for example:

  • Prevent members from deleting channels, tabs and apps in Teams.
  • Protect channels so that not everyone can post documents.
  • Create read-only folders in order not to modify the created structures.

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