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🤐 How to access the "Edge://flags" menu in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft "Edge flags" is a gateway to settings often not found in the User interface that Microsoft offers to its users.

In this blog, read about the most practical benefits of Edge Flags with settings that can help you work better with the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge Browser.

Activate Microsoft Edge's hidden reading mode:

To activate "Hidden Reader Mode" within Microsoft Edge, in the URL bar execute the command below. This setting is the most sought-after adjustment for Google Chrome.


Next, choose Auto Immersive Reader -> enable.


Super Duper Secure Mode

Disables JIT and enables new security measures to provide a more secure browsing experience. - Mac, Windows, Linux


Experimental web platform features in Microsoft Edge

Enables experimental Web Platform features under development. - Mac, Windows, Linux, Android


Reset all Microsoft Edge Flags?

If you wish to reset all Microsoft Edge Flags you can click on the top right via the URL: Edge://flags click reset.


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