How to remove a Office 365 group or distribution group with PowerShell

How to remove a Office 365 group or distribution group with PowerShell

Delete a Office 365 group via the admin centre

BrowseGo to - Select from Teams & Groups -> Active Teams and Groups on the left.

Select the team you wish to delete -> press delete


Delete a Office 365 group via the Exchange Control Panel

Browseto the Exchange Control Panel:

Select groups and delete the Office 365 group.


Login via PowerShell in Azure AD

Tutorial: How to install Azure AD preview module with PowerShell

Open Powershell as administrator


Install the PowerShell module from Azure AD

Run the following line in PowerShell:

install-package -Name AzureAD

Connect to AzureAD via PowerShell


Retrieve all deleted Office 365 groups

With this command you can retrieve all Office 365 groups:


Delete a Office 365 Group with Powershell - hard delete

Copy the ID after the get command and place ddit after -ID as in the screenshot below.

Remove-AzureADMSDeletedDirectoryObject -Id 199e5c7....'

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